Joy, Pleasure & Passion course

Do you want more affection and warmth from your partner
but haven’t figured out how you can get it?

Maybe you can see possibilities for your relationship, but it sometimes feels disappointing or just flat. You and your partner are undoubtedly dealing with differences, and Asperger’s/Autism only adds to the mix.

Your relationship is supposed to give you security and trust, but why do you feel like roommates? If you could just reach each other and really connect once in a while, it would be enough to keep you going, but you’re frustrated and wishing for something more.

When you really think about it, the relationship is good enough – but in your heart of hearts, you would love to feel closer.

It’s just hard to know where to start and how to talk about any of this.
And the last thing you want is to end up fighting over whose fault it is.

Maybe you struggle for connection, or worry about initiating without making the other person feel criticized. You’re poised to do something different, but the idea of bringing this up is all a bit overwhelming. You may have thought of going to couples therapy. It’s not always easy to convince your partner to go, and for many people therapy is financially out of reach.

I wrote the book Love and Asperger’s to provide guidance on these questions. Along with being a long-time couples therapist I’m an autistic person, and so even though I don’t know you, this combination allows me some insights into your relationship. This course is all-new content, separate from the book, and you can benefit from this material whether you’ve read the book or not. This information is intended for all kinds of partner relationships, genders and sexual orientations.

Much of what happens in effective couple therapy is learning new ways to talk about problems. It’s not impossible for partners to figure this out, but it does help to have a road map. Once you have that mindset, it opens the door to so much more lightheartedness and enjoyment of each other. When I help a couple make a series of small changes, we gradually nudge their relationship in the right direction.

With the Joy, Pleasure and Passion course, we will send you a few emails a week that guide you through low-key exercises and activities you can try. 

You’ll practice new ways of talking and connecting with each other without the need for a lot of emotional processing.

Week 1

Week One we’ll focus on establishing goodwill and emotional safety between you.

Week 2

Week Two is about loosening up, finding opportunities to laugh and enjoying sensory delights.

Week 3

Week Three guides you to consider the role of routines and sharing feedback.

Week 4

Week Four is about noticing the improvements you’ve made and how to keep going!

These ideas have been developed by various professionals over the 20+ years I’ve been helping couples, and I’ve incorporated the experiences of autistic people and their non-autistic partners. I want these practices to bring warmth and laughter to your everyday lives. As you go through the course you’ll have opportunities to express your commitment and feel confident in your future.

Joy, Pleasure & Passion

Getting more relaxed and comfortable together will renew your connection. Couples who follow these steps reliably improve their relationships and feel more closeness and satisfaction.

These methods are based on research, but more importantly, you will find most of these ideas are fun!

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Joy, Pleasure and Passion for Mixed Neurotype Couples
A 30 Day Course to Bring Vitality and Understanding to Your Relationship

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