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Autistic Therapist is the site of Kate McNulty LCSW, licensed to provide therapy in Oregon, Florida and New York, now offering online self-study courses to make information about autism accessible to you.

By the time I recognized my autism, I had already been a therapist for many years and was a parent. I can look back on my family life and see that my own parents and many family members were on the spectrum as well. Now I combine my clinical skills and experience with my understanding of life as an autistic person to help others improve their lives.

My aspiration is to help you and your loved ones appreciate this trait as a wonderful part of human diversity. At the same time, there are undeniably some difficult aspects of autism that can improve with counseling and community support. I would be glad to hear about your needs and any ideas you have for how autistics can advocate for and support each other.

Please, reach out and contact me today.

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