Books by Kate McNulty

Love and Asperger’s: Practical Strategies To Help Couples Understand Each Other and Strengthen Their Connection

This book is for couples who are mixed-neurotypes, meaning one person has Asperger’s/Autism and their partner is neurotypical. These couples often hit road-bumps when it comes to communication and managing their differences.

Here you’ll find exercises and information that will help you get in tune with each other and make the most of the wonderful possibilities in this kind of pairing.

Parenting Adult Children: A Practical Guide to Navigating Your Evolving Relationship

Even though your role as a parent changes when your child is grown, that doesn’t necessarily mean it gets any easier. Whether you’re facing challenges in your relationship with your adult child or you’ve simply grown apart, Parenting Adult Children can help you build the skills necessary to overcome hurdles and create a stronger bond.

Discover expert advice and focused strategies for establishing a foundation of communication that promotes trust, authenticity, and healthy boundaries. You’ll explore your evolving relationship and find guidance for navigating issues with financial stability, substance abuse, in-laws, child-rearing, and more.

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